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LyricFinish the LyricSong Title
No appeal on the docket today
Who is to blame? We'll surely melt in the rain
She's immortalized
It seems I found the road to nowhere
I'll take a breath, I'll take her by my side We stand in awe,
This brings tears to my eyes
I hope that tomorrow the sun will shine
He looked me right in the eyes Direct and concise to remind me
Yes I'm the one who, the only one who
Tell me which way to go I gave my last dollar
LyricFinish the LyricSong Title
So let the children play
Should I stay or go?
We may rise and fall, but in the end
But they ain't here anymore
Hey, Mr. Hero Walking a thin, fine line
Oh these thorns in my side I know I have something free
Cause there's a hunger
Knock me down throw me to the floor, there’s no pain
One touch on the head, we believe
Forked tongues in bitter mouths Can drive a man to bleed

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