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August 30, 2003Badd Ass Mother 3000 - Stage 2
Feruary 22, 2004Taste The Radness
July 10, 2004The Reason for the Season
Novermber 13, 2004Free Admission (Just Kidding)
April 2, 2005All Star Weekend - Night Two
August 6, 2005Zombies [Shouldn't Run]
December 3, 2005Chanukah Chaos (The C's Are Silent)
January 13, 2007Based on a True Story
February 24, 2007Holy Diver Down
July 29, 2007Giant-Size Annual #4
January 5, 2008All-Star Weekend 6 - Night One
February 24, 2008¬°Dia de los Dangerous!
July 6, 2008Life During Wartime
September 4, 2009Guerre Sans Frontières
November 21, 20092009 Battle of Los Angeles - Night Two
February 27, 2010As the Worm Turns
October 9, 2010The Curse of Guerrilla Island
July 23, 2011Eight
October 22, 2011Steen Wolf
March 17, 2012World's Finest
December 1, 2012Mystery Vortex
May 23, 2014Sold Our Soul for Rock 'n Roll
December 12, 2014Black Cole Sun

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