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Can you name the Walking Dead Characters (TV Show)?

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Crazy Bastard, has a Mosberg 500Dead
Calm, Smart, has a python, not the snakeAlive
A little crazy but can fight, likes ShaneAlive
all ways leaves the group and is a babyAlive
Has a doll and is small, and got shot in the headDead
Old, drive an RVDead
Docter at the CDCDead
Got bit in the neck after asking for toilet paperDead
Got his arm cut running away from walkersAlive
Has a son and a walker wife, he can't kill herUnknown
Fat bastard, got shot three times by RickDead
The fat bastard's freindDead
Morgan's sonUnknown
A little bitchy, Rick's wifeAlive
Farmer, Old ManAlive
asian Guy, Likes Hershel's duaghterAlive
Hershel's daughterAlive
Firing at Rick, Glenn and hershel, fell from rooftopDead
Black girl with swordAlive
Sophia's momAlive
Got shot by shot killed by walkersDead
Dumb cop shot by Rick when turmedDead
Hershel's farmhandDead
Dug holes got bit in the chestDead
Has a crossbowAlive
Got handcuffed to to a pipe on a roofUnknown
Tried to kill her selfAlive
Got eaten by walkers running from walkers after holding Beth's handDead

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