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Can you name the people/phrases that have the initials _B?

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green tincture sometimes seen in Arctic Circle skiesAB
carrot-consuming cartoon rabbitBB
a device used to prevent women from engaging in sexual intercourseCB
a global financial service company headquartered in GermanyDB
the current edition of this reference book has 32 volumesEB
a song often requested humorously at concertsFB
Africa's only hyphenated countryGB
won commendation for 'Monster's Ball,' won condemnation for 'Catwoman'HB
brand of breath fresheners; games for awkward situationsIB
a character upon whom over 20 films have been basedJB
Tarantino slasher film starring Uma ThurmanKB
British poet whose magnum opus is Don JuanLB
what John Philip Sousa wrote music forMB
shoe brand with its trademark letter on every one of its shoesNB
outdoor education organizationOB
for good, not for the lead singer of U2PB
major thoroughfare in New York City, connecting Midtown Manhattan with JamaicaQB
high-end sunglasses brandRB
Rickey Henderson leads MLB record books in this feat of the feetSB
Bush-era prime minister of the United KingdomTB
capital of MongoliaUB
American design company known for its soft, brightly colored bagsVB
American entertainment conglomerate founded by four siblingsWB
Microsoft's video game consoleXB
former member of the rap group G-UnitYB
'Garden State' was this actor's directorial debutZB

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