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Can you name the people/phrases that have the initials _D?

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In the Year of Our LordAD
a 2009 American spoof of blaxploitation moviesBD
ginger ale brand, not from the Great White NorthCD
coffee and baked goods franchise; there's one on every corner in MassachusettsDD
anorexia nervosa is an example of thisED
a horror film franchise focused on teenagers escaping deathFD
rock band, performers of 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams'GD
iconic American motorcycle brandHD
the theory that the universe was created by some powerful entityID
a Tennessee whiskey, or what Ke$ha uses to brush her teethJD
a syndrome in young children that leads to swollen glands and heart damageKD
creator of a famous 'show about nothing'LD
the most populous county in FloridaMD
a famous Parisian church, no Fighting Irish thereND and eHarmony are examples of this 21st century practiceOD
a television show about a man who could bring back the dead with a touchPD
a title generally held by the widow of a dead kingQD
a monthly general interest magazine, its small size sets it apartRD
second largest city in CaliforniaSD
a weather system even lower in intensity than a tropical storm or hurricaneTD
OMG, an online reference center for slangUD
a Hallmark holiday bemoaned by lonely heartsVD
the father of animationWD
even more HD than HDXD
the location of the Cape Cod Baseball League's Red SoxYD
perky American actress from (500) Days of SummerZD

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