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Who is the undisputed men's heavyweight boxing champion as of 2011, holding the WBA, WBO and IBF titles?
Who is the only ever football (soccer) goalkeeper to be crowned world player of the year?
In the open era, who holds the record for most tennis matches won during a career, in the male game?
Who captained Europe to their 2010 Ryder Cup victory
What is the record number of Grand Prix won by a Formula 1 driver?
What is the greatest number of points scored by a player in a single NBA game?
After Michael Schumacher, who holds the record for 2nd most Formula 1 world championship wins?
Which Italian football (soccer) club did Diego Maradona ply for?
Who has earned the most prize money over their tennis career?
Who was the last player to score over 60 goals in the NHL?
In what country was the Formula 1 circuit on which, Brazilian legend Ayrton Senna died racing?
Who was the first man to beat Muhammed Ali in a boxing match
In tennis, up to how many points is a championship tiebreak played?
What nationality is the most internationally-capped football (soccer) player?
What town does the football (soccer) club Samuel Eto'o plays for, originate from?
Who holds the record for most open era tennis title wins?
What is the new Indian Formula 1 circuit called?
Who won the 2011 women's tennis end of season finale?
Which kicker set a NFL record by attempting 10 PATs (Points after touchdown) in one game in the 1960s?
After Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal, who has been crowned football (soccer) champion of England most times?

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