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This is an advanced version of guessing the 48G center for underrated or new 48G songs

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Forced Order
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Hoshi no OndoTeam A 1st Stage 'Party ga Hajimaru yo'
Nusumareta KuchibiruB-side from AKB's 'Ponytail to Shushu'
Kataomoi no TaikakusenTeam B 4th Stage 'Idol no Yoake'
Himitsu no DiaryB-side from AKB's 'Mae Shika Mukanee'
Saigo no SeifukuB-side from AKB's 'Sakura no Hanabiratachi 2008'
She is goneTeam A 7th Stage 'MT ni Sasagu'
Kimi wa KimagureB-side from AKB's 'Labrador Retriever'
Return MatchTeam K 4th Stage 'Saishuu Bell ga Naru'
Nante BohemianB-side from AKB's 'Gingham Check'
ConfessionHimawarigumi 2nd Stage 'Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai'
Sailor ZombieB-side from AKB's 'Kokoro no Placard'
Hikari to Kage no HibiB-side from AKB's 'LOVE TRIP'
Mizu no Naka no DendouritsuB-side from AKB's 'Halloween Night'
Ama Nojaku BattaB-side from AKB's 'Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby'
10 Krone to PanAKB's 3rd Album 'Tsugi no Ashiato'
Ikiru KotoB-side from AKB's 'Sayonara Crawl'
Summer SideB-side from AKB's 'Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai'
Osaekirenai ShoudouB-side from AKB's 'High Tension'
Locker Room BoyTeam B 5th Stage 'Theater no Megami'
Gondola LiftB-side from AKB's 'Kaze wa Fuiteiru'
Madonna no SentakuB-side from AKB's 'Kuchibiru ni Be My Baby'
Happy EndB-side from AKB's 'High Tension'
Ima, HappyB-sdie from AKB's 'Kibouteki Refrain'
Korekara WonderlandB-side from AKB's 'Everyday Katyusha'
Make OtokoTeam A 7th Stage 'MT ni Sasagu'
Gonna JumpB-side from AKB's 'Kimi wa Melody'
HazumisakiB-side from SKE's 'Gomen ne Summer'
Choco no YukueTeam S 2nd Stage 'Te wo Tsunaginagara'
Canaria SyndromeB-side from SKE's 'Sansei Kawaii!'
Koe ga Kasureru KuraiB-side from SKE's 'Kataomoi Finally'
Chicken LINESKE's 19th single
Nice to meet you!Team KII 3rd Stage 'Ramune no Nomikata'
Ii Hito Ii Hito SagiB-side from SKE's 'Kin no Ai Gin no Ai'
Seifuku wo Kita MeitanteiB-side from SKE's 'Maenomeri'
Finland MiracleTeam KII 3rd Stage 'Ramune no Nomikata'
MangekyouTeam S 3rd Stage 'Seifuku no Me'
Kono Mune no BarcodeTeam S 2nd Stage 'Te wo Tsunaginagara'
Aun no KissB-side from SKE's 'Aishiteraburu'
KesshouB-side from NMB's 'Oh My God!'
Namekuji HeartNMB's 1st Album 'Teppen Tottande!'
Nando mo Nerae!Team N 3rd Stage 'Koko ni Datte Tenshi wa Iru'
Dorian ShounenNMB's 12th single
RashikunaiNMB's 10th single
Mou Hadashi ni HanarenaiB-side from NMB's 'Kamonegix'
Sunahama de PistolB-side from NMB's 'Virginity'
Doudemo Ii Hito KamenB-side from NMB's 'Dorian Shounen'
Prom no KoibitoB-side from NMB's 'Takane no Ringo'
12 ByouHKT's 5th single
Doro no MetronomeB-side from HKT's 'Melon Juice'
Make noiseB-side from AKB's 'Kimi wa Melody'
Kibou no KairyuuB-side from HKT's 'Melon Juice'
BuddyB-side from HKT's 'Shekarashika!'
Onegai ValentineB-side from HKT's 'Suki! Suki! Skip!'
Hohoemi PopcornB-side from HKT's '12 Byou'

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