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'Your face is fresh like a salad, so smooth'BTS
Black and white MV [damn they got abs]History
'Sail sail sail gotta gotta go go'EXO
In the MV they rob a bank wearing clown-masksBlock B
'Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, gwiyeopge' [MV] they are wearing shorts and red bracesGirl's Day
[MV] Kyung is running after a chicken with a panBlock B
Awesome stunt in the danceSpeed
[MV] Cyborg theme (Youngji from KARA is in it)VIXX
Hard coreography (their most viewed MV [11/04/16] )BTS
[MV] they cut of someones headBoys Republic
[MV] Zico and a girl wears the same clothes several timesZico
'Ne nunbichi malhaejugo isseo Liar liar liar deo nal sogijima Oh'4minute
The most beautiful moment in life pt. 2 introBTS
Debut songCN Blue
[MV] Himchan shootes himself in the mirrorB.A.P
[MV] Nana, Lizzy & Raina are sushiOrange Caramel
[MV] School themeSeventeen
[MV] Circus themeBlock B
Clue + noteSHINee
'Vroom vroom'Monsta X
'In Seoul to the SKY'BTS
Violent MVB.A.P
[MV] On a rooftop (lifting-up-shirt-dance)Monsta X
Alice in wonderlandBoyfriend
ot12 *cries* (kind of an apology song)EXO
Jinyoung the Couch potatoB1A4
'Yeah, finally I realise, that I’m nothing without you I was so wrong, forgive me'Big Bang
'Baby I’m bad all day'Hyuna feat Ilhoon of BTOB
[MV] tearing a wedding photo in the middle and putting it together so the two boys in the picture is standing togetherK.Will
MADE album GD&TOP songBig Bang
Seventeen & Ailee collab songSeventeen & Ailee
Debut songUP10TION
All kill song from 2016GFriend
Confusing MV with JB on the roof (and wtf are they wearing)GOT7
A song they made for their anniversaryTopp Dogg
'Real Talk, Real Talk, Real Talk'Boys Republic
Song to BABYB.A.P
Song about a shoe that Rap Monster likes that girls wearBTS
The coreography is mostly on the floor with a big mirror over themEXO
'Tiddi boys'Topp Dogg
'Girl, girl, be my love'EXO
[MV] The Wild West themeSuper Junior
'Hey where did you get that body from?'PSY feat CL
[MADE album] sad\slow songBig Bang
'T 2da D double O 2da G Now say my name ‘Jenissi’'Topp Dogg
[MV] Dancing on a rooftop and erasing their memoriesSuper Junior Donghae & Eunhyuk
Eric Nam did an English cover for this songTaeyang
[MV] Spitting on a mans faceEXID
[DOUBLE DIGITAL SINGLE 'WELCOME BACK'] Sad song that begins with the letter 'A'iKON
Japanese single from 2008 and G-Dragon is in the MV (the MV is fun to watch)D-Lite (Daesung)
[MV] Black and White || Monkeys || T.O.P doesn't know how to ride a scooterT.O.P
[MV] Many parts of the MV is blurred out in the beginning to make you think it's dirty, but it's actually cuteEXID
'Throw your elbows up'Supreme Team
[MV] The name of the MV is written on the wall with flames and they are dancing in front of it (there are bodyrolls everywhere)UNIQ
The coreography includes fans (not the people kind of fans)Topp Dogg
Debut song ('We'll take it slow'~)NCT U
[MV] P.O sitting in a dumpsterBlock B
'Every single day is a repetition of ctrl+c, ctrl+v'BTS
MV with over 200 000 000 views [11/0416]Big Bang
Only the rappers (a part of the holy trinity)BTS feat SUPREME BOI
[MV] Monsta X is in it || it's colourfull Sistar
Famous song from 2009Girl's Generation (SNSD)
'Love is _ _____'f(x)
The name of the song sounds like 'big penis' in KoreanDal Shabet
The song has an awesome beat in the beginning (the song is well known)T-ara
'Careless careless, shot anonymous anonymous'EXO
[MV] Carrying big bottles while rappingBig Byung
[MV] Hyuk, Ravi don't want ice cream.VIXX
'You take me to the top and straight down like a gyro drop'Seventeen

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