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Forced Order
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I thought I might find the answers out at Stanford
Wanna get my braces off
We're on vacation
Two potato soups
All alone, only me and my muse and forty pianos and ten thousand shoes
I want to be like everyone else, but not like my sister says
Medicines are expensive monsieur
You know, black is this year's pink.
Things would be different any other night, instead.
There's a moment you know you're ****.
It's a very short way from the fling that's for fun to the thigh pressing under the table
Tell me that you're hurt, tell me you're relieved, tell me that you're bored.
Trapped where there ain't no future, even at 17
Strangely quiet, but now the storm simply rests, to strike again.
It's the pebble, not the stream, it's the ripple, not the sea, that is happening.
Down the block, on the beach, under a tree.
Handful after handful of Doritos.
I do not like you or your brother
I notice something weird. Lately all her neighbors cats have disappeared.
You'll meet your mistress and your boyfriend and your wife.
All you've done to me, was that a young girl's fantasy?
Give me a chance to look forward to saying, 'Hey listen, they're playing my song!'
Somewhere in the city there's a madman waiting, standing in the shadows with a gun in his hands.
There's plastic on the furniture to keep it neat and clean
All I made was a mess, in a place full of mystery that I never once understood.
I've had so many men before. In very many ways he's just one more.
The house with the red door
What do they want to see, a cute future surgeon? A saint, a PhD, an athlete, a virgin?
I was in your arms thinking I belonged there
When they get depressed it's a bottle of scotch
There's a world outside of Yonkers.
We are all of us bruised and alone.
You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me care.
I wanted magic shows and miracles
Reason says I should have died three years ago
I've waited all my life, lived it by the book. Now, I know that's not my story.
There's no phone booth. There's no cape.
Kick her right in the Coriolanus
But then what if he knew who you were when you know that you're not what he thinks that he wants?
My eyes are too small, I have very large feet.
And now look what I've done-- I've passed it to my son.
Even a wealthy man sometimes dies
This is Harvard, not a stripper bar.

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