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Operative temperature (OT) OT=Using MRT, DBT
Hour angle (H) H=Using T
Altitude at noon (g) g=Using L, D
Altitude at midnight in the arctic latitudes (g) g='
Shading transmittance of a window (T) T=
Fabric heat loss (Q) Q=Using delta t = temperature difference, U, A, -> sum of written SUM()
Resistance (R) R=Using conductivity c; d
U-value (U) U=
Whole bulding heat loss (Qtotal) Qtotal=Using Qfabric and Qventilation
Window area for a ventilation rate q (A) A=Using q,C,U
Illuminance (E) E=Using concentration of the incident light flux=o, area of the plane surface=A
Luminous intensity (I) En=Using I, d
Illuminance depending on the angle of incidence (E) E=Using cosine of the angle of incidence=cosi, d
Daylight factor in an area (df) df=Using T,W, angle of unobstructed sky=theta, surface reflectance=rho, A
Daylight factor on the working plane (df) df=
Speed of a wave (V) V=Using d, t or f
Sound level in free space (L2) L2=Using L1,r1,r2
Area needed for buoyancy driven ventilation (A) A=Using q, Cd, Ti, delta t, g, h and square root written SQU()
Azimuth at sunrise and sunset (z) cosz=Using D, L

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