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Name a US stateGeography
Name a country in AfricaGeography
Name one of the three longest rivers in the worldGeography
Name an ancient Roman emperorHistory
Name one of the seven ancient wondersHistory
Name a US president that served a full two terms (last name only)History
Name a current summer Olympic sportSports
Name a FIFA world cup host countrySports
Name a well-known martial arts styleSports
Name a New Testament book of the BibleReligion
Name one of the 10 most popular religions in the worldReligion
Name a Greek godReligion
Name one of Santa's reindeerHoliday
Name a gift from the song '12 Days of Christmas'Holiday
Name a common, generic Halloween costumeHoliday
Name a planet in our solar systemScience
Name an element of the periodic tableScience
Name a three-letter human body partScience
Name a Pixar movieMovies
Name a Marvel cinematic universe filmMovies
Name an actor/actress who starred in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (full name)Movies
Name a Harry Potter bookLiterature
Name a Shakespeare playLiterature
Name one of the seven deadly sinsLiterature
Name a chess pieceGaming
Name one of the four suits found in a standard deck of playing cardsGaming
Name a racer from the Mario Kart video gamesGaming
Name a sign of the ZodiacEntertainment
Name a primary colorEntertainment
Name a city that contains a Disney Theme Park ResortEntertainment
Name a Looney Tunes characterTelevision
Name a Star Trek The Original Series character (main cast)Television
Name one of the 35 longest running sitcoms of all timeTelevision
Name a symphony orchestra instrumentMusic
Name one of the ten most well-known classical music composers (last name only)Music
Name an Elvis Presley song that made it to the top 20 pop billboard chartsMusic
Name a number between one and ten in SpanishLanguage
Name a letter of the Greek alphabetLanguage
Name one of the 20 most commonly spoken languages in the worldLanguage
Name a breed of dog (AKC 50 most popular)Just for Fun
Name a blender settingJust for Fun
Name a Sporcle categoryJust for Fun
Name one of the 20 largest pizza chains in the USMiscellaneous
Name a month of the yearMiscellaneous
Name a fruit that is redMiscellaneous

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