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List ItemsCommonalityCategory
Snow White; TianaMovies
A; OLanguage
Grover Cleveland; Andrew JacksonHistory
Argentina; UruguayGeography
Venus; SaturnScience
Up; Wall-EMovies
Cassiopeia; Ursa MinorScience
Pomona Sprout; Gilderoy LockhartLiterature
Racecar; Madam; NoonLanguage
New England Patriots; New York GiantsSports
Western Meadowlark; Common American GullMiscellaneous
Helium; ArgonScience
Titanic; 12 Years A SlaveMovies
List ItemsCommonalityCategory
Poseidon; AresReligion
Comet; DasherHoliday
Emma; PersuasionLiterature
Yangtze; NileGeography
'Blackbird'; 'Let it Be'Music
Scalene; EquilateralScience
Boromir; GimliLiterature
Humerus; TibiaScience
King Lear; Twelfth NightLiterature
Augustus; HadrianHistory
Iron Man; CyclopsEntertainment
Peter; Simon the ZealotReligion

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