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Can you name the doomed Disney/Pixar Villain by their last words?

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Forced Order
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Last WordsCharacterMovie
And he shall smite the wicked, and plunge them into the fiery pit!
You'll not have me! My power cannot die. Curse you! No! Noo!
This isn't the end of it. I will get your son eventually. I'll get your son! Hahaha! Oh no.
So much for true love!
I'll fix ya. I'll crush your bones.
Now shall you deal with me, O Prince, and all the powers of HELL!
Are there a bunch of little girls in this one, too? Hello, girls.
Enough! I'm taking that bird back with me, alive or dead!
Last WordsCharacterMovie
I promise I'll pay y'all back! I promise!
Tired, Mr. Thatch? Well, that's a darn shame, 'cause I'm just getting warmed up!
Let me go! Let me go! Please... don't hurt me. I'll do anything. Anything!
No! No! What have you done? What have you done?! No! No! No!
It looks like you're out of ideas.
Go ahead, shoot me. Be a man.
No, let me explain. No, you don't understand. No, I didn't mean it. No, no!

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