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Can you name the Disney animated classic movie given a description of a dark or shocking scene in it?

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Forced Order
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Scene DescriptionFilm
An intense fight breaks out between two romantic rivals. One is shot and falls dead into the shallow water.
A mother flees a pack of hunting dogs, then hides her kit near a fence post before setting off alone. A gunshot rings out, and the mother is never seen again.
A man with piercing green eyes sneaks up behind the heroine and holds a knife over her, intending to cut her heart out.
A spunky, likable character is audibly crushed under the villain's shoe.
Boys are grotesquely transformed into donkeys and then sold into slave labor, unable to voice their plight.
A flashback shows a fatherless boy waking up as a child to find his mother sobbing in the kitchen and his father boarding a ship without a second look.
The villain declares that the captives may be gotten rid of 'Any way you like. Poison them, drown them. Bash them in the head. You got any chloroform?'
A mother is whipped, roped, shackled, and caged after defending her baby against bullies.
A mother instructs her son to keep running as they flee the sound of gunshots. The son, later realizing he is alone, searches for his mother in vain.
A devil figure summons demons and ghosts from their graves and they all dance gleefully amid flames and shadows.
A baby tugboat is banished out to sea and is ridiculed by buoys who chant menacingly 'Bad Boy' - 'Shame'.
Scene DescriptionFilm
A beloved canine character is seen motionless under the wheel of a crashed carriage.
The protagonist must explain to the young cub he befriended that the cub's mother is dead and that he's the one who killed her.
A father hangs perilously over the edge of a cliff and pleads for help from his brother. But the brother responds by mocking him and throwing him to his death.
The camera pans briefly to two limp bodies on the floor, surrounded by bloody paw prints and toppled furniture.
A child's doll, previously seen with a young girl, is found discarded in the burning ashes of a destroyed village.
A sailor's out-of-tune song is cut short by the villain's pistol.
A drunken rodent sings obliviously as a cat looms over him. A silhouette shows the cat dangling him above its mouth, and then witnesses solemnly remove their hats.
Upon discovering a deformed baby, the villain prepares to drop it in a well, declaring, 'This is an unholy demon. I'm sending it back to hell, where it belongs!'
Two sisters cruelly and forcefully tear apart the heroine's homemade dress while she's still wearing it.
The ghastly skeletons of dead soldiers are summoned to life and encircled by eerie green mist.
An encroaching apocalyptic firestorm sends the main characters leaping over the side of a cliff in terror.

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