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All of the organisms in a certain area and the living and on-living organisms living there.
The place in which the organism lives within an ecosystem
The role of a species within a habitat
A feature that increases an organism's chance of survival
All organisms of one species in a habitat
All the populations of different species within a habitat
Organisms from the same species compete for the same resources
Organisms from different species compete for the same resources
The number of individuals of one species in a particular area
One type of abundance measurement
A square frame divided into a grid of 100 smaller squares
A jar that has a rubber bung sealing the top, and two tubes stuck through the bung.
A steep sided container that is sunk in a hole in the ground with a partially open top
A biological process in plants that need energy
Molecule made from adenine, a ribose sugar and three phosphate groups
Enzyme needed to break down ATP
ATP + ATPase
Process in which ATP is broken down by

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