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Can you name the next line from songs from Buffy the Vampire Slayer's musical: Once More With Feeling?

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LyricsNext lineCharacter/# of words
I've been making shows of trading blows/Just hoping no one knows/That I've beenBuffy / 4
You crawl out of your grave/You find this fight just doesn't mean a thingVampire / 5
Bunnies aren't just cute like everybody supposes/They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses/And what's with all the carrots?Anya / 9
They got the mustardSome messy eater / 1
I break with every swell/Lost in ecstasyTara / 5
He snores/She wheezes/Say housework and he freezesXander / 9
I talk, he breezes/She doesn't know what please isAnya / 8
I'm asking you please no!/It isn't right it isn't fair/There was no parking anywhereSome lady / 6
LyricsNext lineCharacter/# of words
Let me take my love and bury itSpike / 6
Cause I know what you feel girl/No you see, you and me wouldn't be very regal/I'll make it real girl/What I mean, I'm fifteenDawn / 5
I wish I could stay here/But now I understandGiles / 5
I'm under your spell/God how can this be?Tara / 4
She came from the grave much graver/First he'll kill her then I'll save her/Everything is turning out so dark/Going through the motions/No I'll save her THEN I'll kill herWillow / 6
The pain that you feel/Only can heal/By living/You have to go on livingSpike / 6
All these secrets you've been concealing/Say you're happy nowSweets / 4

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