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Can you name the Factions per Magic the Gathering Plane?

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Elder Dragons on Dominariagreen-white-blue elder dragon
Elder Dragons on Dominariawhite-blue-black elder dragon
Elder Dragons on Dominariablue-black-red elder dragon
Elder Dragons on Dominariablack-red-green elder dragon
Elder Dragons on Dominariared-green-white elder dragon
Nations of Dominariawhite-aligned western nation
Nations of Dominariablue-aligned island with an academy
Nations of Dominariablack-aligned tomb and city ruins
Nations of Dominariared-aligned continent
Nations of Dominariagreen-align southern forest
Primeval Dragons on Dominariagreen-white-blue primeval dragon
Primeval Dragons on Dominariawhite-blue-black primeval dragon
Primeval Dragons on Dominariablue-black-red primeval dragon
Primeval Dragons on Dominariablack-red-green primeval dragon
Primeval Dragons on Dominariared-green-white primeval dragon
Native Tribes of Rathrace of Zendikari humanoid
Native Tribes of Rathrace of nomadic humans
Native Tribes of Rathrace of settling humans
Otaria, Dominariawhite-aligned sprawling plains
Otaria, Dominariablue-aligned underwater empire
Otaria, Dominariablack-aligned eastern reach
Otaria, Dominariared-aligned mountainous country
Otaria, Dominariagreen-aligned vast forest
Ravnicawhite-blue guild
Ravnicablue-black guild
Ravnicablack-red guild
Ravnicared-green guild
Ravnicagreen-white guild
Ravnicawhite-black guild
Ravnicablack-green guild
Ravnicagreen-blue guild
Ravnicablue-red guild
Ravnicared-white guild
Kamigawawhite tribe and faction
Kamigawablue tribe and faction
Kamigawablack tribe and faction
Kamigawared tribe and faction
Kamigawagreen tribe and faction
Lorwyn and Shadowmoorgreen-white tribe, later white-blue
Lorwyn and Shadowmoorblue-black tribe
Lorwyn and Shadowmoorred-green tribe, later black-red
Lorwyn and Shadowmoorred-white tribe, later red-green
Lorwyn and Shadowmoorblack-green tribe, later green-white
Lorwyn and Shadowmoortribe in all colors
Lorwyn and Shadowmoorwhite-black-green tribe, later black-green
Lorwyn and Shadowmoorblue-white tribe, later blue-black
Lorwyn and Shadowmoorprimarily red tribe in all colors
Alaragreen-white-blue shard
Alarawhite-blue-black shard
Alarablue-black-red shard
Alarablack-red-green shard
Alarared-green-white shard
Zendikarprimarily white false god
Zendikarprimarily blue false god
Zendikarprimarily black false god
Scars of Mirrodinthe native heroes
Scars of Mirrodinthe invading villains
Khans of Tarkirwhite-black-green clan
Khans of Tarkirblue-red-white clan
Khans of Tarkirblack-green-blue clan
Khans of Tarkirred-white-black clan
Khans of Tarkirgreen-blue-red clan
Dragons of Tarkirgreen-white dragonlord
Dragons of Tarkirwhite-blue dragonlord
Dragons of Tarkirblue-black dragonlord
Dragons of Tarkirblack-red dragonlord
Dragons of Tarkirred-green dragonlord
Ixalanblue-black-red tribe
Ixalanwhite-black tribe
Ixalangreen-blue tribe
Ixalanred-green-white tribe
War of the Sparkthe planeswalking heroes
War of the Sparkthe big bad villain
Throne of Eldrainewhite castle
Throne of Eldraineblue castle
Throne of Eldraineblack castle
Throne of Eldrainered castle
Throne of Eldrainegreen castle
Ikoriared-white-black monsters
Ikoriagreen-blue-red monsters
Ikoriawhite-black-green monsters
Ikoriablue-red-white monsters
Ikoriablack-green-blue monsters
Kaldheimwhite-blue realm of spirits
Kaldheimblue-black realm of draugr
Kaldheimblack-red realm of demons
Kaldheimred-green realm of trolls
Kaldheimgreen-white realm of humans
Kaldheimwhite-black realm of valkyrie
Kaldheimblack-green realm of elves
Kaldheimgreen-blue realm of shapeshifters
Kaldheimblue-red realm of giants
Kaldheimred-white realm of dwarves
Strixhavenred-white college
Strixhavengreen-blue college
Strixhavenwhite-black college
Strixhavenblue-red college
Strixhavenblack-green college

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