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Can you name the 4-letter words in this word ladder about book I of the Iliad?

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To tell the story Homer asked help from the ____
It started with the Greeks sacking Chryse using a ____
Agamemnon took Chryseis and Achilles Briseis all in a ___
Chryseis' father begged for her return and offered riches oh so ___
But Agamemnon refused to return her out of ___
Then suddenly all hope for the Greeks seemed ___
Apollo left the Olympus, his usual ___
and unleashed over the camp a deadly ___
According to Calchas Agamemnon was too ___
and with Chryseis he then had to ___
After her return the illness was a thing of the ___
But Agamemnon wanted compensation and he wanted it ...
'I deserve a new slave' said the old ___
and for Achilles this did not well ___
Then of Agamemnon Briseis had to take ___
Achilles then played his trump ___
Without his help the Greeks would find winning ___
So he asked his mum to give the Trojans a helping ___
She convinced Zeus to make the victory for the Trojans to ___
and from then on the Greeks were slaughtered easily as cattle in a ___
Only one goddess wept, the pro-Greek ___

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