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QUIZ: Can you find the hidden historical figures by answering questions about their time period?

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This Athenian general lead the city during the war against Sparta
This Spartan leader fought the Persians with 300 soldiers
The part of Athens where the famous Parthenon was built
This Greek city sided with the Persians against Athens
With this method political leaders in Athens where banned by popular demand
Hidden Historical Figure of this Period
This famous church in Florence was completed
The pope held residence in this French city
The Scots secure an alliance against England with France and this country
This order of knights was disbanded on Friday the 13th
The lighthouse of Alexandria was destroyed by this natural disaster
Hidden Historical Figure of this Period
The bombing of this ship indirectly led the US into WWI
The Irish republicans started this rebellion during a holiday week
This was the last czar of Russia
Benito Mussolini became the youngest Prime Minister of this country
This German expressionist film by director F. W. Murnau is regarded as a masterpiece
Hidden Historical Figure of this Period
This man was the first on the moon
This president of Uganda' rule was characterized by human rights abuses
The Terracotta Army was discovered in this Chinese province
Walt Disney World was opened in this American city
This new stock market focussing on information technology was launched
Hidden Historical Figure of this Period

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