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Where do the boys go to be pirates?
What TV station is Randy obsessed with?
What happens to money in the bank in 'Margaritaville?
What kind of cancer did randy intentionally get?
What did the boys think they were getting when they got Starvin Marvin instead?
What school is Southpark's rival?
What note did Cartman and Kenny find on their recorders?
What supplement makes Cartman extremely obese?
What is the name of the company that provided future selfs?
With whom does Mr. Garrison temporarily replace Mr. Hat with?
What does Cartman give Scott Tenorman money for?
What color is Kenny's hair?
What does Mr. Jefferson like to do?
Who ran against Ike for class president?
Who's a dick?
What animal did Kyle's dad want to be?
If you like fishsticks, what are you?
What is Tweek afraid of?
Who can't play basketball?
What were Kyle's three strikes in the Jersey Shore episode?
What animal does Paris Hilton dress up Butters as?
What is Cartman's frog's name?
Who sponsored Cartman's nascar?
Chef leads the townspeople in a fight against a group of what?
What is Jesus's talk show called?
What is the name of the book Butters wrote?
What subject did the teacher whose house got toilet papered teach?
What causes sex addiction?
What pissed Cartman off at the waterpark?
Who is Cartman's father?
Who did Cartman accuse Wendy of intending to kill?
According to Butters, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?
Who was the student who was sent by Satan?
What did the Iraqi children give to the boys?
What is the name of Stan's dog?
Who do the boys call when Ike sees dead celebrities?
Where were these celebrities stuck?
What group of people cannot get in trouble anymore?
What is Cartman's middle name?
What can Mysterion not do?
What was Kenny's girlfriend's name?
Where did Kenny want to take her?
Who does Jesus have a boxing match with on Cartman's birthday?
Who did Mickey Mouse think hired the boys to sabotage the Jonas Brothers concert?
What do the vampire kids hate being called?
What store was the source of the vampire craze?
What did Barak Obama and John McCain constantly say to each other?
Where are Peruvian flute bands sent?
Where do homeless people eventually go?
What did Cartman call his anti-china group?
Where does the class take a field trip to where workers dont break character?
Where do Cartman and Butters go instead?
Who is Shelly's pen pal?
What is the 'White People Method' according to Cartman?
What is Cartman's cat's name?
What did Canada want when they went on strike?
What is the slang word for the cat piss drug craze?
What did the boys take a picture of Britney Spears crapping on?
Who sang at Cartman's AIDS awareness event?
Who is the hottest guy in school, according to the list?
When Kyle thinks he's ugly, whose ghost visits him?
What is the message on the guitar hero screen after 1 million points?
Who is the only one worried about Manbearpig?
What show was Cartman gonna go on when he had tourettes?
What was Saint Peter?
What does Cartman inject himself with when interrogating Bahir's parents?
Who defeated Stan's peewee hockey team?
What can Cartman not wait for when he freezes himself?
What does Satan want his birthday cake to be shaped like?
What was the title of Towelie's memoirs?
Mr. Garrison says Muslims are angry because they live in _____
Where do the Broflowskis move in Smug Alert?
What disease does Randy have when he sees the Bloody Mary statue?
Where do the boys send Willzyx?
What was the name of the prostitute that Jimmy went on a date with?
In Quest for Ratings, what is Butters looking for in his segment?
What did the boys pretend to be in preschool?
What is Butters' girlfriend's name?
What was the group that advocated non smoking called?
What is Cartman's favorite place in the whole world?
What is the name of Cartman's Christian rock band?
What did Cartman think Kenny's ashes were?
What did the boys build so they could see Kenny again?
What is the name of the greatest porno ever?
Whose boobs destroyed society?
Who is Professor Chaos' sidekick?
What was the German's invention that almost killed everyone?
Who do the boys discover is not real in Crack Baby Athletic Association?
When Kenny goes to the orphanage, what is the only drink in the fridge?
According to those parents, what is the correct answer to the question, 'is there a God?'
Where does Token start buying his clothes so he can fit in?
What is Mr. Garrison's transportation invention callled?
What marketing technique did Cartman use with his theme park?
What is the disabled turkey's name?
Do the handicapped go to hell?
What is the group that Cartman joins in hopes of gaining more mature friends?
What does Cartman get in the first episode?
What state is Southpark located in?
What is Kyle's dorky cousin's name?
Who are the creators of Southpark?
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