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Construction, Steel, Pigment
Electrical wiring, Coins, Insecticide
Electrical wiring, Aviation, Ceramic
White pigment, Aviation, Golf clubs
Stainless steel, Yellow pigment, High speed steel
Bullet, Glass, Solder
Jewelry, Photography, Disinfectant
High power battery, fireworks, Thermonuclear weapon
Therometer, Manometer, Battery
Magnet found in hard drives, MRIs
Material used in breeder reactors
Stainless steel, Rechargable battery, Coins
Chlorophyll, Pyrotechnics, Aviation
Bronze, Solder
Atomic clock
Jewely, Tooth restorations, Electronics
Battery, Galvanization, Brass
Battery, High tensile steel
Mischmetal, Self cleaning oven, Ceramic
Fireworks, Enema
Catalytic converter, Jewelry, Electronics
Bulb filament, Drill bit, Kinetic energy penetrator
Cement, Chalk, Tofu
Street light, Lye, Washing soda
Nuclear fission material, Kinetic energy penetrator
Gas mantle, Mischmetal, Hot cathode
Spark plug, Catalyst, Standard of length, Mass
Fertilizer, Gun powder, Safety Matches
Rechargable battery, Pigment, Electronics
Jet engine, Catalyst, Superalloys

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