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Name the answers that fit the formula '_____ of the _____'

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Popular fantasy book/movie trilogy
Star-Spangled banner lyric
Book about a girl living alone in Alaska
15th century battle for the throne of England
Christian hand gesture
Phrase used to describe the newest technology
Phrase meaning ordinary
Sci-fi film involving primates
What Indiana Jones was looking for
One of Jack London’s most popular books
Annual Time magazine feature
Completely unexpectedly
Mexican holiday
Novel/Miniseries about the construction of a cathedral
Classic novel about about boys on an island
Film franchise starring Johnny Depp
Sherlock Holmes novel
Either half of the name of a fairy tale involving a talking bear
1997-2010 Animated Fox series
Cartoon inspired by Tarzan
BBC series about a modern Scottish estate
Canned tuna brand
Classic mythological movie, or the 2010 remake
The most beautiful one at a dance
Song from Phantom of the Opera
Yearly speech by the United States president

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