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what is the color truck leo wants to 'fix up'
what is the specific name of the godess phoebe was turned into
who does the 'wolf' represent
the avatars created...
the elder who betrayed the charmed ones is
in the last episode what stuffed animal did they show 3 times?
phoebes power is
in what episode did phoebe meet the shaman and embark on a vision quest
shown in the last episode how many kids did each of the charmed ones have
the one evil demon the charmed ones worked with was
piper worked at a restaurant called...
the house they live in is called
the first episode w/ chris is...
piper turns the press into
in oh my godess paige is turned into a...
the name of the warlock mike weatherly played is
in the episode centennial charmed,paige is threatened with a____ by a hobo
billie and christie are the...
cole was at one time the...
the youngest sister is
in centenntial charmed cole turns what age
phoebes other power is
phoebe works at (specific place)
what is christies eye color
what does billy have that is blue
name of chris' fiance

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