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HintMartial Art/Combat Sport
''Way of the Bow''
Russian Grappling
''Gentle Way''
Term given to many Japanese Self-Defense Styles
''Art of the Shinobi''
Korean Self-Defense Style
Japanese Way of Drawing the Sword
Chinese Combat Sport
''Eight Trigram Palm''
Chinese Close Combat System
''Way of Harmonious Spirit''
Modern Amateur Grappling Sport
Traditional Japanese Wrestling
Focused on joint locks & chokeholds
Brazilian Dancing/Martial Arts Hybrid
''Supreme Ultimate Boxing''
HintMartial Art/Combat Sport
''Art of the Medium Staff''
''Form-Intention Fist''
Major Korean Striking Style
''Empty Hand''
''Science of Eight Limbs''
''Way of the Sword''
Founded by Bruce Lee
Combined Styles Combat Sport
Grappling Sport contested at the 1st Olympic Games
''Art of the Long Staff''
Term given to many Chinese Styles
Israelian Self-Defense System
''The Noble Art''
Full-contact Stand-up Combat Sports
Term given to many Japanese Stand-up Styles
''Art of the Spear''

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