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Harry's mom's sister's husband's sister's favorite dog
The diary's owner's rival's girlfriend's brother's rat
Mandrake grower's favorite student's house's head's animagus form
The chosen one's best guy friend's rat's leader's mother
Triwizard tournament's girl champion's sister's brother-in-law's father's obsession
The brightest witch of her age's headmaster's gamekeeper's dragon's caretaker's mother
The Quibbler's editor's daughter's house's founder's daughter
Sirius's murderer's youngest sister's husband's son's house's founder's chamber's second opener
Krum's wandmaker's theif's friend's killer's love's son's cousin's best friend
Our king's rat's friends' rival's wanted subject's 3rd teacher's secret affliction's transmitter
Trevor's owner's first friend's husband's sister's husband's wand's creator
Crouch's son's master's headmaster's successor's killer's favorite student's former house elf
Hufflepuff's cup's defiler's snake's killer's parent's female torturer's murderer's daughter's husband's escort to the Ravenclaw common room
Katie Bell's team's seeker's father's secret organization's young and clumsy member's husband
Muggle prime minister's wizard protector's secret organization's creator's old friend's wand's last owner
Katie Bell's almost accidental killer's mission's target's killer's love's son's godfather's mother's favorite son's master's killer's followers
Crybaby's secret organization's founder's house's team's beaters' brother almost locked in a tomb's employer's hat color
The Order's second leader's killer's locket's destroyer's best guy friend's first girlfriend's dead boyfriend's father
The DA's revealer's best friend's house's founder's daughter's killer
Our king's sister's husband's killer's mother's father's ring's original owner

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