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Can you name the character that fits the given clue for each episode of The Walking Dead?

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Awakens from a comaDays Gone Bye
Is handcuffed to a pipe on a rooftopGuts
Is beaten up by ShaneTell it to the Frogs
Gets kidnapped by the Vatos gangVatos
Shoots her reanimated sisterWildfire
Tells Rick that everyone is infectedTS-19
Gets lost in the woodsWhat Lies Ahead
Shows Rick to Hershel's farmBloodletting
Sacrifices Otis to a horde of walkersSave the Last One
Receives a Cherokee roseCherokee Rose
Finds Sophia's dollChupacabra
Learns two secrets from GlennSecrets
Lets the walkers out of the barnPretty Much Dead Already
Gets drunk at the barNebraska
Is impaled in the leg by a fencepostTriggerfinger
Slits her wrists18 Miles Out
Frees a walker that kills DaleJudge, Jury, Executioner
Kills ShaneBetter Angels
Rescues Andrea in the woodsBeside the Dying Fire
Is bit and gets his leg chopped offSeed
Is sliced through the head by RickSick
Has zombified heads in fish tanksWalk With Me
Dies in childbirthKiller Within
Sleeps with the GovernorSay the Word
Kidnaps Glenn and MaggieHounded
Is beat up by MerleWhen the Dead Come Knocking
Kills the Governor's zombified daughterMade to Suffer
Leaves the group with MerleThe Suicide King
Gets shot by the GovernorHome
Visits the prison with help from MiltonI Ain't a Judas
Shoots MorganClear
Declares war on WoodburyArrow on the Doorpost
Burns the walkers in the pitPrey
Tries to take Michonne to the GovernorThis Sorrowful Life
Kills his entire armyWelcome to the Tombs
Saved by Zach who ends up dying30 Days Without an Accident
Names a random walker 'Nick'Infected
Gets in a fist fight with RickIsolation
Exiles Carol from the prisonIndifference
Tells Rick he was right to exile CarolInternment
Destroys the empty town of WoodburyLive Bait
Falls in love with the GovernorDead Weight
Is decapitated by the GovernorToo Far Gone
Eats a huge jar of puddingAfter
Promises to help Glenn find MaggieInmates
Is anxious to get Eugene to WashingtonClaimed
Finds a moonshine still with DarylStill
Kisses Bob for the first timeAlone
Shoots Lizzie and is forgiven by TyreeseThe Grove
Joins the ClaimersUs
Imprisons Rick's group in a train carA
Blows up TerminusNo Sanctuary
Offers his church as a shelterStrangers
Brutally slices GarethFour Walls and a Roof
Wakes up in Grady Memorial HospitalSlabtown
Reveals that he lied about the cureSelf Help
Tells Daryl where Beth isConsumed
Makes a water filter for dirty creek waterCrossed
Kills Beth and is killed by DarylCoda
Sees dead people after being bitWhat Happened and What's Going On
Is chastised by Sasha for saving herThem
Brings the group to AlexandriaThe Distance
Pretends to be an innocent housewifeRemember
Lays down in a pit of dead walkersForget
Is killed because Nicholas is a cowardSpend
Gets in a fight with RickTry
Watches his old friend Rick shoot PeteConquer
Forms a plan to lead a giant horde awayFirst Time Again
Tells Carl to just survive somehowJSS
Is supposedly eaten by a horde of walkersThank You
Aids Morgan in finding his wayHere's Not Here
Steals from the food pantryNow
Finds a big box of grenadesAlways Accountable
Puts up a flyer that Rick tears downHeads Up
Gets bit while saving Rick's lifeStart to Finish
Is devoured beside her son SamNo Way Out
Throws Jesus a can of orange sodaThe Next World
Gets an ultrasound at HilltopKnots Untie
Is spared from killing a living person by GlennNot Tomorrow Yet
Convinces the Saviors that she is patheticThe Same Boat
Gets shot by Dwight with Daryl's crossbowTwice as Far
Shoots Daryl in the shoulderEast
Drives the RV into the horde of SaviorsLast Day On Earth
Brutally bashes the skulls of Abraham and GlennThe Day Will Come When You Won't Be
Has a pet tiger named ShivaThe Well
Breaks down in his cell at the SanctuaryThe Cell
Had guns hidden in his houseService
Tries to give Maggie and Sasha to the SaviorsGo Getters
Is separated from Heath on a supply runSwear
Sings Negan a songSing Me a Song
Shoots Lucille after Negan kills SpencerHearts Still Beating
Takes food from Alexandria and leavesRock in the Road
Emotionally reunites with DarylNew Best Friends
Makes a bomb for Negan's wivesHostiles and Calamities
Falls off a ferris wheel while looking at a deerSay Yes
Strangles Richard to deathBury Me Here
Hides in a cellar with DarylThe Other Side
Offers to betray Negan and help RickSomething They Need
Kills herself inside a coffinThe First Day of the Rest of Your Life
Hopefully has his sh*tting pants onMercy
Reappears as a Savior after leaving Atlanta a long time agoThe Damned
Unwillingly leaves his dying boyfriend under a treeMonsters
Helplessly watches his tiger get devouredSome Guy
Figures out that Dwight is helping RickThe Big Scary U
Is imprisoned at Hilltop along with the SaviorsThe King, The Widow, and Rick

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