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Can you name the all the TV shows Mark Sheppard has appeared on?

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Crowley Abandon All Hope +10 others
Canton Delaware The Impossible Astronaut + 1 other
Benedict ValdaBreakdown + 3 others
Ring Director Chuck Versus the American Hero + 1 other
Jim SterlingThe Maltese Falcon Job + 6 others
Dmitri Sadesky/Rod Darling The Hunger Artist + 1 other
Curtis Hagen Pilot
TanakaThe Target + 2 others
Romo Lampkin The Son Also Rises + 5 others
Tom PrescottBad Breaks
Young Mr. PainBroken Bird
Manservant NevilleThe Clotharian Contamination Protocol + 1 other
RussellTo Serge with Love
Rupert StoneOne Hit Wonder
Anthony Anthros Pilot + 2 others
Dr. Charles Walker/ Jack WalkerPenny For Your Thoughts + 2 others
Ioannis 'Johnny' Patani Requiem
Ivan Ewich Day 5: 10:00 am - 11:00 am
Kevin Hannigan Hush
Chris Downey Mr. Monk vs. the Cobra
George BeckwahrDegas Away with It
Hartman Whiskey - Tango - Foxtrot
Ronan Dennehy Simone Says
BadgerSerenity + 1 other
ArnonWitches in Tights
Mitchell ReevesManhunt
NeroA.I. Highrise + 1 other
The Chameleon The Skin
Nitro Bring Me the Head of Tucker Burns
Yuri GregorovDiseased
Younger ParkerA Seperate Piece Part 2
LeuconChild's Play
Eddie WicksDay in Court
Clay Sullivan Thieves Among Thieves
Jack Net Worth
Christopher C.J. YatesGenesis + 19 others
C. Flayton Ruell Spider in Tower
Bob the Caretaker/ Cecil L'Ively Fire
Eddice Bryce/EricIn Too Deep + 1 other

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