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Can you name the character who continue to appear in the series despite being 'dead'?

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Actor/ActressCharacterSurvived By
Sarah Michelle GellarCPR the first time, witchcraft the second
James Remar Dexter's flashbacks
Jared Padalecki Resurrection due to Dean's crossroads deal (among other ways)
Patrick DuffyA season erasing dream sequence
John Barrowman The energy of the time matrix via Rose
Deborah Ann WollBill turning her into a vampire
David Conrad & Kenneth Mitchell Jumping into the body of a recently deceased man insted of going into the light
Anne DudekHouse's hallucinations
Terry O'Quinn A sideways universe that was actually the waiting room for another afterlife
Carlos Bernard Hypothermic injection and subsequently heading David Emerson's terrorist organization
Actor/ActressCharacterSurvived By
Mandy Patinkin Becoming a reaper
Stephanie March The revelation she was actually in witness protection not killed in a drive by
Julian McMahonAbsorbing powers in the demon waste land
Lena OlinThe revelation that woman Jack Bristow actually killed was her double,who was created by Project Helix
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Izzie's brain tumor induced hallucinations
William B. Davis Faking his death and hiding from the Syndicate (and Mulder) in a Canadian Log Cabin
Brenda Strong Becoming the show's narrator after her suicide
Billy West* His great (x30) nephew's birthing machine
Saul Rubinek Warehouse 13's phoenix amulet
Anna Friel The touch of the piemaker, Ned

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