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A problem with the left phalange leads Rachel’s plane to crash. Joey and Chandler have ice cream cake at her funeral.Friends
Zombie Juliet impales Kate. Thanks to his new found powers of flight Sawyer escapes the island. Jack gets a job working for Locke at Radio Shack, and everything somehow makes senseLOST
Between the hours of 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM (EST) Jack uses the bathroom, Chloe purchases a five dollar footlong, and a Serbian assassin strangles the pope’s decoy. 24
Sam burns down the bar for the insurance money.Cheers
The Tanners learn that Joey’s been dealing drugs out of their basement for the past eight years. Suddenly Kimmy’s constant visits make sense. Full House
The war ends only to reveal that the entire thing took place in the mind of Hawkeye’s autistic son.M*A*S*H
Now that it’s time to ascend to the throne of Warrioressia Lucy Lawless needs to learn manners and royal procedures.Xena: Warrior Princess
Tia and Tamera are shocked to learn that they in fact are not twins separated at birth. Ray actually runs an underground cloning facility and Lisa is his receptionist. Sister, Sister
Your captain, your cruise director, your ship’s doctor, and your bartender hit an iceberg and catch hypothermia in a plot that is neither exciting nor new but still romanticThe Love Boat
June leaves Ward upon learning that he’s been having a lengthy affair with that ‘hussy down the street.’ Leave it to Beaver
'Spoiler' Answer % Correct
Timmy realizes that increasing political and socioeconomic tensions have led his beloved pet to become apathetic. He starves to death at the bottom of a well. Lassie
Having developed telekinetic powers Brenda returns to murder everyone in her old zip code just for kicks. She also burns an effigy of Alyssa Milano for some reason. Beverly Hills, 90210
Samantha is burned at the stake. The producers infamously flub when they try to lighten the final scene with a laugh track.Bewitched
Turns out the reason why people always turn up murdered when Jessica Fletcher visits a town is because she’s the one killing them. Murder She Wrote
After learning that Dana is his long lost sister, Fox attempts to relieve the years of sexual tension by shouting “Awkward!” It doesn’t work. X-Files
The Scooby Gang decides to take their nickname a little more literally. Xander leases a van while Willow buys a dog. Dawn is in danger somehow.Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Alice becomes a female astronaut to prove that she can get to the moon without Ralph. Honeymooners
Mary realizes her lifelong dream of being a glassblower and quits WJM-TV.Mary Tyler Moore Show
The entire series is one extended dream sequence of young Alexis, who in the midst of the Great Depression has dreams of big money, big oil, and big shoulders.Dynasty
Nate makes a shocking recovery, making this the only episode in which no one dies.Six Feet Under

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