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Can you name the the leading actors and actresses from these SyFy Original Movies?

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100 FeetShe gives an X-cellent performance in this haunted house arrest drama
Alien Express, CarnyHis 'Celebrity' Can't Get him Out Of SyFy originals
Andriod ApocalypseThis former Disney star Blossoms under the threat of apocalypse
Anonymous RexThis lead actor may look human but his Blood is Truly that of a velociraptor
Aztec RexThis Beverly Hills heartthrob was out of his depth, and zip code, when facing a vicious T-Rex
Bats: Human Harvest, Crimson ForceIt's unclear if his extensive lifeguard experience helped him in his multiple SyFy roles
Beyond Loch Ness, WarbirdsIt's no surprise an actor this Charming got to star in a second film
Beyond Sherwood ForestThis role was right up her Lane even if the Ville-age wasn't as 'Small' as she was used to
Caved In: Prehistoric TerrorHe found this attack of mutant beetles notably less enjoyable than being stranded with Brooke Shields
Cyclops, Yeti This celebrity sibling landed a second role despite a Less Than Perfect performance
Dinocroc vs. SupergatorNeither the Dinocroc nor the Supergator stood a chance against his Kung Fu
Dragon FighterThis story's hero was really a super man
Dragon Sword This Beast of an actor got wasn't afraid to Dirty, Dancing his way across Medieval Europe
Dragon SwordThis veteran actor's performance was Miles away from being Green
Earthstorm, Harpies One of SyFy's Usual Suspsects is this celebrity sibling
Fire From Below, Lightning StrikesDefeating fire and lightning, he showed strength of Herculean proportions
Fire Serpent Flaming alien snakes attacked and Buffy wasn't even around to help him
Fire and IceThis Angelic actress would later prove to be a real Doll
Ghost Voyage This daytime hunk gave a performance that was both Bold and Beautiful
High Plains InvadersThis former Vampire found that old west was just as dangerous as Sunnydale
House of BonesThe Queen C would be proud of how she Slayed this role
HydraHe wasn't quiet in 7th Heaven when warding off the deadly Hydra
Lake Placid 2He would agree that any county with killer aligators is bound to be Hazzard-ous
Lake Placid 2This Star Danced her way into the role originally portrayed by Betty White
Locusts: The 8th Plague No Ordinary actress, she found the locusts much easier to deal with than John Lithgow
Lost City Raiders I checked his Vampire Diary but there was no mention of this role
Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon If she wasn't such a witch on set she might've avoided the SyFy movie roles
Lost Voyage, The Black Hole This Breakfast Club alum also joined the ranks of the SyFy two timers
Magma: Volcanic DisasterThis Ranger gave a Power-ful performance as a pushy grad student
Mammoth She Terminated the mammoth almost as quickly as her last two shows
Mega Piranha This 80's songstress was lucky not to get 'mall'ed by the Mega Piranhas
Mega SnakeRight out of the Gate the Star of this film knew he was in for some serpentine trouble
MegafaultThis actress was Clueless about how to deal with the catostrophic megafault
Meteor StormThis Star Battled a catastophy of Galactic-a proportions
Momentum She must've been Desperate to take a role in this low budget man vs military tale
Monster Ark She would've fared far better if her fLawless former co-star lent her a chakram or two.
Mothman This gem of an actress hoped to bring some Serenity to a West Virginia town
Mutant Chronicles Boy did he raise Hell in this post-apocalyptic film
Out for BloodHe found that things were much scarier without an Entourage
Path of Destruction I've been Wondering for Years when this real life math whiz would return to acting
Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys This Lost Boy crafted a few good puppets to Stand By him
Sands of Oblivion These Firefly alums reunited to search for a prop from The Ten Commandments
Stir of Echoes: The HomecomingHe Winged it as a soldier suffering from PTSD once he returend to the West
Stonehenge Apocalypse A real angel, he starred in this Supernatural thriller
VipersHungry vipers learned this all American girl was sweet as Pie
VipersNo doubt he was Psyched about this role

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