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Debut YearMuppetDescription
1969Always tries to help out which can be seen in the many jobs he had over the years, including that of a superhero
1969This letter was one of the sponsors of the first episode and has been interviewed on Larry King
1969Eight feet and two inches tall, he is six years old and very inquisitive.
1969Shares a basement apartment with his best friend and loves pigeons
1969A fun-loving roommate who is particularly fond of baths and his rubber ducky
1969The frog’s greatest role on Sesame Street is that of a news reporter, interviewing characters from nursery rhymes and fairy tales.
1969A grouch who lives in a trash can. He’s mean and covered in green fur, but was originally orange.
1969Before earning his name by getting hooked on cookies, this simple monster was named “Sid”
1969“America’s Favourite Game Show Host” isn’t relegated to just game shows. He also hosts “The Weather Show” and “On Vacation”
1969He is a student who sometimes sneaks into classes and teaches them himself.
1969He sang “Mahna Mahna” on Sesame Street and has evolved to resemble The Muppet Show’s Mahna Mahna
1969A foil for Big Bird he likes to play the imagination game
1969A professor so boring he always falls asleep during his own lectures
1969He first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. He frequented Sesame Street, in the early days but was phased out for friendlier-looking monsters
1969A salesman who can usually be found trying to sell strange items to Ernie, like the letter “O”
1970A lead singer of the Monotones. He has a mop of red hair that was mysteriously black in one episode.
1970Bassist for Little Jerry and the Monotones, He also moonlights with Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats
1970This monster is known for his strength and big purple nose
1970He has the ability to mimic any sound he hears.
1970A detective, he generally can’t solve his cases without assistance.
1970Oscar’s pet is skilled at playing the tuba and clarinet and was the first worm on the moon.
1970Known mainly for her “Answer Lady” skits where she solves viewers’ problems
1970A lecturer on Sesame Street who teaches characters about things like words and shadows
1970She is seven years old and well known for writing and directing school pageants.
1971Initially none of the adults could see this furry mammal so they thought he was Big Bird’s imaginary friend.
1971The wolf has changed colors several times, but still torments the Three Little Pigs.
1971Generally able to only speak in snarls and growls, he is often misunderstood and just wants to be included.
1971She is part of the family that lives in Ernie’s shoebox.
1971A recurring customer at Charlie’s Restaurant, where he’s always bound to be served by Grover.
1971Resident magician. Catchphrase? “A la peanut butter sandwiches!”
1971He is known for playing pranks on people, even though they normally backfire on him.
1972A construction worker who is married with four kids
1972A friendly vampire who is obsessed with counting. His favorite show is “24.”
1972A robot who insists that machines are better than humans, yet frequently makes mistakes
Debut YearMuppetDescription
1972A construction worker who never speaks
1973A creature that can’t bend his arms in order to eat nectarines.
1973Hailing from Mars, they travel with a book they use to decipher Earthly objects
1973A cow who longs to be an actress and singer
1974Even though he’s Bert’s twin brother, he is actually fun and outgoing
1974A creature that’s too short to reach nectarines from a tree.
1974Lead singer for the Alphabeats with hits like “Cluck Around the Clock” and “Gonna Rock You To Sleep”
1974Luis’s parrot who’s name means “little crazy” in Spanish
1974A loud cowgirl who likes to brag a lot
1974Like her son, she has an alter ego, having appeared as Super Mommy
1974A composer who agonizes over his music and is usually helped out by Kermit
1975One of the longest running background Muppets
1976The Count’s special lady, there have been at least three distinct characters by this name, all obsessed with numbers.
1977One of the only characters not to be anthropomorphized. He acts like a dog.
1977A cool dude who teaches kids how to read through rhymes
1977He is the sanitation engineer who acts as Oscar’s personal chauffeur.
1979A cowboy who has trouble remembering things
1979He is a three and a half year old who refers to himself in the third person.
1979A neurotic monster whose name was originally short for “Television Monster” as he was once obsessed with watching TV.
1979Forgetful Jones’s girlfriend, she’s always trying to help him remember things.
1980The horse helps Forgetful James remember things, like brushing his teeth.
1980They communicate by honking their noses and are from the Land of Honks
1980Speaking mainly in gibberish, his two heads need to cooperate to figure things out.
1980She lives in a cave with a young monster, Deena, who she takes care of.
1981A country-western singer whose back-up singers are two dogs called the “Get Along Doggies”
1981A blind monster, he was one of the only monsters to have ears
1982Oscar’s girlfriend who he likes to refer to as “Grungie”
1982They are similar to Honkers but use a bell to communicate instead of horns.
1982A superhero who encourages kids to eat their vegetables, later played by John Leguizamo
1984A jazz musician, he is known for songs such as “Put Down the Duckie” and “A Cookie Is a Sometimes Food.”
1985Oscar’s pet elephant who lives in his trash can with him.
1986Snuffy’s sister who likes to do whatever her big brother does
1986She is a fast-crawling tyke who has a secret life as a Super Baby
1986A traveling game show host whose catchphrase is “Are we having a nice day, or what?”
Debut YearMuppetDescription
1986An operatic flamingo who performs at the Nestopolitan Opera
1987The host of “Squeal of Fortune” along with his co-hostess Velma Black.
1987A curious monster who likes to conduct experiments
1988Oscar’s baby niece who has a tendency towards tantrums
1989Host of “Mysterious Theater,” he is known for saying his name twice in succession when introducing himself.
1989He usually finds clues well before Sherlock but has trouble communicating them to him as he can only bark.
1990Despite the fact he’s a lion, he’s a vegetarian
1990The mother of Baby Bear and Curly and Papa Bear’s wife.
1990The dad of the Bear family, he works at the honey factory.
1990Best friends with Telly, he has a speech impediment and is Jewish
1990Little monster whose roar is louder even than the lion’s.
1991Originally Baby Bear’s nemesis, she has grown to be his helpful friends, even though she isn’t usually helpful
1991A monster that can speak English and Spanish and originally appeared as a fruitbat.
1991A bellhop for the Furry Arms hotel, he hates being touched.
1991A helpful detective who once aided Big Bird in finding his teddy bear.
1992Big Bird’s grandmother who lives on 12 Forrest Road
1992Brothers; they love bananas.
1993A Spoof of H. Ross Perot
1993A bit self conscious about his smell, this Stinkweed is a friendly plant
1993Baby Natasha’s mother, she worked at the Furry Arms for a few seasons.
1993Baby Natasha’s father, he worked at the Furry Arms for a few seasons.
1993She is a three year old who drives around in a small wooden car.
1993A fish who explores on land using a diver’s helmet filled with water
1999A young monster she changed appearances drastically over the few seasons she was featured
2000A monster whose original name was “Groogel”
2000This mop-haired Muppet speaks in gibberish but his monster friends seem to understand it just fine.
2002A character from South American Sesame Street, she is the world’s first HIV-Positive muppet.
2002The newest addition to the bear family, she strangely doesn’t like porridge.
2002He is the Big Bad Wolf’s more refined and pleasant sibling.
2005A fairy in training whose catchphrase is “That’s so magical.”
2005He is a member of The All Monsters and A Guy Named ____ Chorus
2005First appeared in a sketch with actor Jamie Foxx and a duck named Jamie Fox

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