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What is Sheen's action figures name? Jimmy Neutron
How tall is the giant cup spencer makes in Icarly?Icarly
Which girl has a dorm all to herself?Zoey 101
What word does spongebob write on the dumpster to complete the phrase in the episode 'sailor mouths'Spongebob
Without math we are all '_____ _____ ______'Ned's Declassified
What is the name of the rule book?Fairly Odd Parents
What does Lil wear that Phil does not?Rugrats
What is Twister's real name?Rocket Power
Who is Arnold's best friend?Hey Arnold
What are the first 3 words of the theme song?Danny Phantom
Whats is the name of the show where the main character could talk to animals???????????
What is Aang's lemur's name?Avatar the Last Airbender
What is the name of Drake's girlfriend who kisses Josh?Drake and Josh
What is the color of dog' nose?Catdog
What is the name of the girl who is usually mean to Jimmy?Jimmy Neutron
Who is the bully who picks on Timmy and his friends?Fairly Oddparents
What are the names of Patrick's fake parents?Spongebob
What is the name of Carly's old best friend who tries to get rid of Sam?Icarly
What do they call it when all the toilets in the school are flushed at once?Neds Declassified
Who is Drake's girlfriend who is tougher than him?Drake and Josh
Which two characters of the 4 in their group are related?Rocket Power
How much money, in dollars, did Zoey need to get Drake Bell to play at spring fling?Zoey 101
What is the name of Angelica's Doll?Rugrats
What weapon does Sokka always carry around with him?Avatar the Last Airbender
What is Plankton's Wife's Name?Spongebob
What is the name of the evil teacher?Fairly Odd Parents
Whats is the name of Drake's friend who is in the dune buggy with him during the accident?Drake and Josh
What are the name's of Danny's two friends? (first names only)Danny Phantom
What is the name of the amusement park the gang goes to?Jimmy Neutron
Who is the gym teacher?Neds Declassified

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