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Can you name the Noah's Island characters?

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Main character, a Polar Bear1
#1's closest friend, a Russian Desman2
Chief Surgeon of the Island, a Gorilla3
#3's first mate, drowned in the shipwreck4
#3's second mate, rescued from an aeroplane5
Nurse of the Infirmary, a Kangaroo6
#6's mate, a Wallaby7
A Mandrill, initially appointed himself as leader of the Island8
#8's companion, a Baboon9
A Mammoth, often very fussy10
#10's forgetful and clumsy mate11
#10's father, doesn't take kindly to the Islanders' arrival on Diamantina12
A Russian Bear with a Welsh accent13
#13's best friend, a Panda14
Chief Engineer, an Orang-Utan15
#15's adopted nephew, a Proboscis Monkey referred to as a Gibbon16
The Firebowl's valve operator, usually says 'Pom pom piddle'17
#17's more intelligent mate18
That rare thing, a...19
An Aardvark, close friend of #220
A Rabbit who often gets squashed21
A snobby Giraffe22
A 100-year-old Pachyderm23
#23's grandson, that little...24
A bossy French Poodle25
Leader of the Vulture Patrol26
#26's daughter and #29's mate27
#26's other daughter28
A dim-witted Vulture who often says 'Erk!'29
A flightless Bird hatched from a defrosted egg30
A giant Frog, Queen of Diamantina31
#31's smallest servant, becomes friends with #232
#31's larger servant, doesn't talk much33
#2's companion, a purple and yellow Beetle34

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