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Can you name the characters from Joel Veitch's 'Tales of the Blode' series?

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Main character, an absent-minded face with feet and blond hair1-7
Identical to the main character, often the victim of misfortune1-7
A high-voiced face with longer hair and many sisters, who have their own quiz1-7
He looks exactly as his name suggests and is capable of transforming into a giant, red-eyed version of himself1-7
The first villain to appear, he desires the Zeppelin1
His tank cannot hurt the villain1
The main characters always sing a song when he comes along2
The first sinister figure to drop from the sky2
The only being who can defeat him2
The second sinister figure to drop from the sky2
The being who is used to defeat it2
He has the face of Joel Veitch and usually knows how to get out of trouble2-5, 7
Enormous laser-eyed terrestrial villains3
Who they attack, as well as the airport3
The main character's pet, who is not very dirty3
The bearer of bad news3
A large rodent who sails them across the ocean to the scene of the mayhem3
She somehow knows who is controlling the laser-eyed villains3
The huge extra-terrestrial villain who is vulnerable to viruses from GameBoys3
The flightless bird who was left recording all night4
The furry fiend who is responsible for a terrible incident of despicable evil4
He has a lot of firepower, but is unable to defeat the fiend4
Five of them attack the main character's best friend5
Ancient spirits of Weevils transform the fourth character into...5
The main characters' friends who come round for jelly and cakes6
The evil monster from outer space who likes to eat people6
The second character's Viking cousin6
He is summoned to splat the monster6
The two wise philosophers7
The Evil Crab who runs the Moon Meat Mine on the moon7
A strong flying creature who wears orange armbands7
After the defeat of the Evil Crab, they set up a Workers' Utopia on the moon7

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