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Can you name the Prix De l'Arc De Triomphe - 1960-2010?

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1960Charles W. Bartholomew
1961Armando Maggi
1962René Pelat
1963Geoffroy Watson
1964Georges Bridgland
1965Etienne Pollet
1966William Head
1967Charles W. Bartholomew
1968Etienne Pollet
1969Seamus McGrath
1970Francois Mathet
1971Ian Balding
1972Angel Penna, Sr.
1973Henry Zeisel
1974Angel Penna, Sr.
1975Theo Grieper
1976Alec Head
1977Vincent O'Brien
1978Vincent O'Brien
1979Mme Criquette Head
1980Olivier Douieb
1981Alec Head
1982Francois Mathet
1983Patrick Louis Biancone
1984Patrick Louis Biancone
1985Jeremy Tree
1986Guy Harwood
1987Andre Fabre
1988Luigi Camici
1989Michael Jarvis
1990Nicolas Clément
1991John Hammond
1992Andre Fabre
1993Jean Lesbordes
1994Andre Fabre
1995Saeed Bin Suroor
1996Elie Lellouche
1997Andre Fabre
1998Andre Fabre
1999John Hammond
2000John Oxx
2001Saeed bin Suroor
2002Saeed bin Suroor
2003Alain de Royer-Dupré
2004Jonathan Pease
2005Andre Fabre
2006Andre Fabre
2007Aidan O'Brien
2008Alain de Royer-Dupré
2009John Oxx
2010Sir Michael Stoute

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