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Can you name the famous people who have the word man in their name?

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Starred in Rain Man & The Graduate
Ex basketball star & dated Madonna
Musical brothers Duane & Greg
South Park character
Famous US comedian - Andy
Real name of Bob Dylan
Newsreader in The Simpsons
Quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts
Author of Moby Dick
Bond girl who played Pussy Galore
Leader held prisoner on Robben Island
33rd President of the USA
Famous CBS chat show host
Lightweight boxer nicknamed Boom Boom
Won the best actress oscar in 2011
Famous college football trophy
Female comic of Saturday Night Live
Great scientist - John Von
1992 British Formula 1 racing champion
He narrated March of the Penguins
Singer - Fast Car & Talkin' Bout a Revolution
Liberal UK prime minister - Henry Campbell-
American poet - Leaves of Grass
Directed the movie MASH
Criminal cult figure of the 60's in California
Famous French painter - Édouard
Author of The Satanic Verses
Female recently acquitted of murder in Italy
Main character in Psycho
Played Roseanne's husband in hit T.V show
A child star of The Goonies & Stand By Me
Baseballer for the NY Yankees 1951 - 1968
Blonde sex symbol actress of the 60's
2006 US Ryder Cup captain & major winner
In the fairytale he gets devoured by a fox
Famous auditorium in Nashville Tennessee
Star of Cool Hand Luke & The Color of Money
Manager of Manchester City football club
Character who brings good dreams to kids
Traditionally has coal & carrot facial features

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