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Can you name the answers that can be found in the word sporcle?

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Maize, wheat and rice are major forms of
You would twist fibres together to make a
In legend, this can be put on the end of folk?
Spanish expression used in a cheer
An angry person is like a bear with a ___ head
Crockett and Tubbs were famous
You could say Narcissus was one of these
Something which is often embalmed
Film starring Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman
The earth and an apple both have a
A common type of flatfish
A form of spoken or written language
O, My luve's like a red, red
Something a slash does
To manage or endure
Music for a film is known as the
If you were born in July or August you might be a
Berry often used in the making of Gin
Roald Amundsen went to the South
A big hit single for Beck
Greek god of sexual love and beauty
An outlet for sweat
Race of creatures in The Lord Of The Rings
Goes before ___fix and means 'before'
Abbreviation for a massive oil organization
Type of deer
The currency of Mexico
3 letter abbreviation for the heads of organizations
Surname of the writer who wrote 'The Raven'
Abbreviation for British rock group starring Jeff Lynne

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