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Can you name the people or things that begin with 'GB'?

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Former US President with the middle name Walker
Term for a large ursine animal
Most recent hosts of the Olympic Games
You would hit this with a driver
Term for a successful and talented young man
Small organ situated below the liver
Number one hit single for The Beatles in 1969
Term given to a wild turkey, grouse or pheasant
Highly controversial detention camp based in Cuba
Stomach device implanted to treat weight
Handheld Nintendo console device
A light wind which is force 3 on the Beaufort scale
Device for playing CD or cassette music
Inventor of the telephone - Alexander
Popular carbonated soft drink (usually non-alcholic despite its name)
Christian faith book often found in hotel rooms
British commando or member of the US Army special forces
They had a massive hit single with 'Crazy' in 2006
Chewy children's sweet or TV show
Famous US country music star - 'Ropin the Wind'
NFL team who play at Lambeau Field

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