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Can you name the answers that all begin with the letter U?

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An American state?
Won the best picture oscar in 1992?
Rock band featuring Larry Mullen Jr?
Stringed musical instrument from Hawaii?
Famous play written by Dylan Thomas?
Billy Joel's kind of 'girl' in 1983?
What does the U in UNICEF stand for?
The word for U in the NATO phonetic alphabet?
A legendary animal with a pointed horn?
Name of a famous Israeli submachine gun?
Used in making nuclear weapons. Atomic number 92?
Name for a German submarine used in the world wars?
First name of U.S president (1869-1877)?
Worldwide hit for Rihanna in 2007?
Planet in our solar system?
The longest bone in your forearm?
Type of clothing sold by Victoria's Secret
Idi Amin was the leader of which country?
Mysterious object seen in the sky?
A mottled green and yellow citrus fruit?
Capital city of Mongolia?
Pregnant women often have this kind of scan?
We are all born connected to this cord?
International organization formed in 1945?
Name for an official in several sports?
A personification of the US federal government or citizens of the US?
A person that prepares bodies for burial or cremation?
US film production company founded in 1919 with Charlie Chaplin
Term used for an unidentified member of a country's armed forces killed in war?
What does the U in the marketing term USP stand for?
Pulitzer Prize winning author - John Hoyer ____
Tashkent is this capital city of this country?
What the U stands for in USSR?
Northern constellation known as the Great Bear?
Squeeze this to get milk from a cow?
What the U stands for in the computing term USB?
Relating to or resembling bears?
Hit single for Stevie Wonder in 1966?
The official language of Pakistan?
National flag of the United Kingdom?
South American country?
4 letter abbreviation for the governing body of European football?
An imaginary place or state of things in which everything is perfect?
Song begins - 'Oh, my love, my darling, I've hungered for your touch'
_______ Andress - James Bond girl
London has the oldest one of these - it opened in 1863?
First name of the fastest man in the world?
Type of punch thrown in boxing etc?
Name for a one wheeled bike?
_____ Heep - Charles Dickens character

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