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Can you name the famous people or characters that have an animal in their name?

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Pirates of the Carribean star - Jack _______
She won the Best Actress Oscar in 2010 for The Blind Side
Golfer currently ranked 36th in the world
Actress who has played Queen Elizabeth & Bob Dylan
Shock jock American radio star
Famous king of England from 1509 to 1547
Probably the most famous skateboarder ever
Mozart's first name
Name often used for an unidentified corpse in North America
Prominent female star of silent movies with Cecil B DeMille
Creator of the Laws of Motion
Singer who changed his name to Yusuf Islam
Famous English pirate Edward Teach aka..
Ice Hockey - 'The Great One'
Bassist with The Red Hot Chilli Peppers
The most famous pupil at the school where the motto is - 'Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon'
The First Minister of Scotland
Star of To Kill A Mockingbird - Atticus _____
Swashbuckling Australian actor famous for playing ROBIN Hood
Famous 20th Century poet - Phillip _____
Currently considered to be the best footballer in the world
A famous British talent show judge
Lewis Carroll's most famous character
Male star of - The Philadelphia Story
Explorer and captain of The Golden Hind ship
Won Best Actress Oscar for her role in Monster
William Frederick Cody..aka_____
2008 Sylvester Stallone film
Former First Lady of Argentina

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