Big 4 - What Year of the 2000s?

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Can you name the year of the 2000s that these big 4 teams won or lost in the NFL, MLB, NBA & NHL final?

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Titans, Mets, Pacers & Stars
Patriots, White Sox & Spurs
Rams, Giants, Nets & Hurricanes
Cardinals, Phillies, Magic & Red Wings
Steelers, Rangers, Heat & Canucks
Giants, Phillies, Celtics & Red Wings
Patriots, Red Sox, Pistons & Lightning
Raiders, Yankees, Nets & Ducks
Packers, Cardinals, Mavericks & Bruins
Colts, Red Sox, Spurs & Ducks
Patriots, Angels, Lakers & Red Wings
Rams, Yankees, Lakers & Devils
Steelers, Yankees, Lakers & Penguins
Steelers, Cardinals, Heat & Hurricanes
Ravens, Diamondbacks, Lakers & Avalanche
Panthers, Cardinals, Lakers & Flames
Bears, Rockies, Cavaliers & Senators
Giants, Yankees, 76ers & Devils
Buccaneers, Marlins, Spurs & Devils
Saints, Giants, Lakers & Blackhawks
Seahawks, Tigers, Mavericks & Oilers
Patriots, Rays, Lakers & Penguins
Eagles, Astros & Pistons
Colts, Rangers, Celtics & Flyers

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