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Can you name the different color answers to the following clues?

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The letter Y in the ebaY logo
The middle Olympic ring
Marge Simpson's shoes
Usual color of an aeroplane black box
Mix red and blue and you'll get
Bottom color of a rainbow
The letter G in the Google logo
Alecia Beth Moore's stage name
Ball worth 4 points in the game of snooker
Traditionally the 1 ball in 9 ball pool
Largest wolf of the Canidae family
Bob Dylan album '______ on ______'
Atomic number 79
Used to describe dull objects or events
40th wedding anniversary
Band with Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker
Barcelona's football top is Blue and _________
Tony Scott film '________ Tide'
Andy Warhol often dyed his hair this color
Superintelligent fictional color from The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

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