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Can you name the WWII American Warships

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Location of the surrender of Japan
Ship that after delivering an atomic bomb sank in shark infested water
Most decorated ship of WWII
Sank in Pearl Harbor when a bomb exploded in her forward ammunition storage
The ship the Sullivan Brothers were lost on
This submarine spotted the Japanese Fleet at Midway and was hunted by an enemy destroyer. This destroyer returned to the fleet and led US dive bombers to the Japanese carrier fleet
First US Aircraft carrier lost in the war
Battleship that fired the first and last 16 inch rounds of the war
Fletcher class destroyer that began the desperate assault on the Japanese during the Battle off Samar
Lead destroyer of its class known as 'Tin Cans'
Essex class aircraft carrier that now serves as a museum in New York
First US warship sunk by a Kamikaze during the Battle of Leyte Gulf
An aircraft carrier commissioned before the war and later destroyed in an Atomic weapons test
Most decorated Battleship of the war
Lead battleship of the its class. This class would serve longer than any other into the 1990s

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