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Standard US tank of WWII
Most mass produced tank in history
Current main battle tank of Germany
Infamous heavy tank of WWII, arguably the most feared tank
This British tank was used by Israeli forces in the Battle of the Golan Heights
This tank, except for one debated case, has never been destroyed by an enemy tank. It is also one of few tanks to fight in a tank battle in the past 25 years
This tank was the Soviet counter to the US M60 and other NATO tanks using 105mm main guns
Backbone of the Red Army during WWII
Sometimes referred to as a heavy tank, though really just a more powerful medium tank, this American tank was designed to solve the problems of the Sherman
Standard British tank of today
The Chinese version of the T54
Highly advanced and organically made Indian tank. Weighs as much as many NATO tanks.
A new, home-made Iranian tank
Iraqi made version of the T72
South Korea tank with striking resemblance to an Abrams
Standard french MBT
New Chinese tank that is claimed to be a match for NATO tanks
Essentially a modified T72 tank that Russia eventually stopped making for themselves
British tank used in North Africa, obselete fighting German tanks and was replaced by the Sherman tank
First tank to see combat

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