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American WWII General that led the relief of Bastogne
German Field Marshall known as the Desert Fox
Byzantine General who led many expeditions for Emperor Justinian. Known to have died as a blind beggar in legend
General of Shu during the Chinese Three Kingdoms period. Highly romantized and built up by legend. Known as the 'God of War' by some
American General who led the most lopsided battle in US history
American General known for Desert Storm
British General eventually defeated at Yorktown
American general who commanded the defence of Bastogne
Known for his defeat of Napoleon
Famous Carthaginian General
Prussian General known for his victory and Konnigratz
Roman General who led Rome to victory in the Second Punic War
Most decorated Soviet General
Japanese commander of Iwo Jima
Polish King who led the relief of Vienna in 1683
Know for his war against the crusades
Known for the legend of his conversion at the Battle of Milvian bridge
Commander of Union forces at Antietam
French General known for his actions at the first Battle of the Marne
Led the Ottoman forces to conquer Constantinople

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