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Can you name the Name the 20th century weapon. For all weapons do not include any dashes or spaces. For example an M16 would not be M-16 or M 16, M16 would be correct

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Patton declared this weapon the greatest implement of war ever devised
First assault rifle ever made, too few in number to make a differnce for Nazi Germany
Most masses produced weapon of all time
Gun used to kill Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Highly successful bolt action rifle used by Germany, its design would influence the US 1903 Springfield
Highly advanced, selective fire, German weapon from WWII. Would go on to influence the US M60 machinegun
This is currently the longest serving weapon used by the US Army. It remains the standard heavy machinegun for many other countries too
French Sub machingegun from WWI. Often considered to be a horrible weapon and it did not have interchangeable parts
US Automatic weapon that came into service at the end of WWI. Many were fearful of using it fearing the enemy would capture and reverse engineer it. Would serve into Vietnam
Though it's design is over 100 years old this pistol can still be seen by use in modern armies
Arguably the most devasting machinegun of WWII, known as Hitler's buzzsaw
British sub machinegun issued commonly to paratroopers and commandos, it could fire enemy MP40 magazines
Beligium Assault Rifle that was highly used by most NATO countires during the Cold War, except the US
Currently, the US's primary sub machinegun as well as other NATO countries
First sub machinegun to be used in combat
First semi-automatic shotgun
Soviet submachinegun. It's knickname was the burp gun
Single shot pistol designed to supply resistance fighters against Nazi Germany
Highly mass produced and recongizeable Soviet/Russian sniper rifle
This sub machinegun gained infamy during the prohibition era

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