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Can you name the TV Shows of the 2000s?

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One hour at a time
And the hottest cast goes to...McSteamy + McDreamy + hot redhead
Suburban mom pot dealer = coolest mom ever
Polygamy never looked so cool
If only my mother and I had this relationship...but dang they talk fast
She made CIA agent seem fun, except when you're always almost dying
Super teen P.I. with a lot of rich friends spells trouble
Let's be real, nobody would put up with this doctor's attitude...although it does make for good tv
The best show that nobody watched...just a guy trying to hold his wacky, dysfunctional family together
Exactly what the name says, 4 women doing it in the urban jungle
Makes me wish I played high school football in Texas
Kenneth the Page: enough said
Nothing better than the original...but Miami and New York are pretty cool too
2-person teams, one goal: race around the world for 1 million dollars
Funnier than the British version?...I'm going to have to say yes for one reason: Dwight Schrute
The singing competition with the mean British judge
Lois, Lois, Mom, Mommy, Mom, Lois, Mom, Lois, Lois, Mom
Everyone's favorite serial killer
Satirical news the other satirical news show
Humans finding earth after the Cylon the future looks like fun

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