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Cry him a river
This girl gets around
She desperately needs a stint in her famous song title
Her hubby put an enormous ring on it
Get under her rain-stopper
They love her lovely lady lumps
His 'retirement' in 2002 hasn't stopped him from loving on the NYC
She's still a rock star
Wake them up when September ends
The continued dominance of these '90s rock gods has greatly affected my 2000s, and dani's too.
This chick is Bananas...B-A-N-A-N-A-S
Shake it like a polaroid picture...
I'm gonna let you finish...but Jamie Foxx was the best collaborator of all time
When your song is named after another singer, it better be good
One Hit Wonder of the 2000s...Thats CRAZY!
This British crooner thinks you're pretty...he might have used stronger words than that though
No One can get in the way of what she's feeling
I still remember this band as the band that did the theme song at the 2000 summer olympics...but those olympics were beautiful days
This Americon Idol alum is not over
He loves your body, whoever you are...*cough cough* Jennifer Love Hewitt
Is this song about lesbians? I don't know but somebody told them
He lost himself,found himself, then won an Oscar
He's got a lot of questions...21 to be exact

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