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Do you the Maester from A Song of Ice and Fire?

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Castle/ServedAnswerExtra Info
Kings Landing/Aegon V, Jaehaerys II, etcAlso Aerys II, Robert, Joffrey and Tommen
Winterfell/Eddard, RobbBloody Boltons >:(
Dragonstone/Stannis (firstStorm's end and Steffon before him. Poor old Cressen
Dragonstone/Stannis (apprentice)Replacement of the above
The Wall/Jeor Mormont, Jon SnowDamn these maesters have some sad times...
Citadel/Daenerys (travelling to)The magical man
The Eyrie/Robert ArrynPreviously Kings Landing/Jon Arryn
Small Council/Cersei Lannister (unofficial)Without a chain- also Brave Companions
White Harbor/Wyman ManderleyNever trust a Lannister
Citadel/Almost Joffrey (Mace Tyrell's uncle)Tywin blocked him becoming the new King's maester

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