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Cawdor Albion Trivia..
Name the Residents of 37 Cawdor
Name the Residents of 37 Cawdor
Name the Residents of 37 Cawdor
Name the Residents of 37 Cawdor
Name the Residents of 37 Cawdor
Name the Residents of 3 Albion
Name the Residents of 3 Albion
Name the Residents of 3 Albion
Name the Residents of 3 Albion
Name the Residents of 3 Albion
Bonus Albion Resident
What degree did Aiden Murray study?
Bourko refers to Drogba, Malouda and Essien as what?
Who was often referred to as 'Small Room'?
Liam Barnes had the former nickname...?
Jamie Jones famously won the Executive Game, but who was knocked out first?
How many goals did Brummy score in World Series games?One For ATP, One for TAs
Jamie Fearn was referred to as a chav by a comedian due to wearing what brand?
Who provided the soundtrack for Cawdor Production's seminal feature 'Know When to Fold Em'?
Who was the manager of the Grovel?
Complete the famous phrases.. Guess...
Cawdor Albion Trivia..
Why are we
Better luck
What kind of man does Jamie Fearn not want?
What's the brothel above the Gin Club called?
Soundtrack to Krakow?
What were we alledged to have broken in the hostel?
Who was Cawdor's Jewish landlord?
Young Murray's third year squeeze was also known by what name?
How did we celebrate Quigz 21st?
What TV show did the Cawdor boys audition for?
Who is the owner of Lloyds Newsagents?
Who took the Red Bull Bar off our hands?
Which former Grosvenor Resident now goes by the name Yazid Lim?
On which subject.. What kind of creature was made to live in Metro Matts room?
Who said 'Well...its beer, that tastes like curreh!'
Something Blu was formerly known as?
Jamie Fearn worked for McDonalds, Dominos and which other company during his stay at UoM?
Brummy claims not be from Birmingham - but what town?
Cawdor Albion Trivia..
Burger and Aidy think this town is called?
What are the ingredients of Icefast?
True or False. There is a better looking, more succesful version of Mike Quigley - and Cawdor all wished that he could have lived with them.
Simons Davies and Burtonshaw filled the nets of ATP - who was the other Goalie?
Which confectionary named person had a 'voice off' with Brummy?
To which infamous Fallowfield resident did Aidy ask 'Do you squirt?'
What phrase is typically heard in Abduls takeaway?
Upon graduation Jamie Jones' only notable work experience was with what company?
Martin Luther King famously had a dream. Which Albion resident was also famous for his dreams?
What word literally means 'Homosexual Wank'?
Simey often tells awful stories and jokes, in his ever searching quest for the...?
Who slept in Platt Fields whilst doing resits?
Who lost 20 Pounds betting that the bar 'odder' was called 'adder'?
Matthew Gribben's bellybutton smells of what substance?
Brum earned the name 'Yeti' due to his enourmous feet. What size are they?
According to Bourko, what is the best hand in poker? (write it)
What was the name of the random pub near Didsbury where we spent an entire day, never to return?
Korumba's Steve resembles which TV and Radio personality?
Where did Liam buy his coats? (clue Robbie Williams' claims its better than Primark)
Super Puzzle Fighter was hugely popular. How did we refer to the player who was defeated in the fastest time?
Which Micro Machines Animal had its own chant?

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